Friday, January 6, 2012

2012: The Year of Stardust and Hermione Granger

Nine days into the year, and I am (remarkably) still alive. I believe that in their spare time, university professors practice scare tactics. For some it must be a favorite pastime. Each begins the first day of class piling loads of stress upon the shoulders of their students by poring over their carefully crafted syllabi and through blunt statements such as, "This class will kick your trash." While in my head I think, "I don't really need any extra help with getting my trash kicked. Somehow my trash will always find a way to be kicked. Sometimes I even kick my own just to make sure it doesn't get comfortable."

And then as tears begin to pool at the bottom of my palpebra inferior (lower eyelid), in my mind I reaffirm, "No! This is 2012. The year. The Year of Stardust and Hermione Granger, and I will not be defeated!"

Regarding The Year of Stardust, I admit that I am not actually sure what that entails as my roommate, Holly, and I came up with the idea (we recently ended Classy 2011)while in an extremely giddy mood. But whatever it is, it sounds great. (We have reason to believe that it has something to do with reaching for the stars and/or finding romantic interests this year).
The Year of Hermione Granger is a personal goal. This particular desire is the result of my
having read the Harry Potter series all during my Christmas holiday. And for the benefit of those who are not familiar with the exemplary qualities of Miss Granger, I will relay those which I find to be exceptional.

1. Hermione Granger is a person of high moral character.

2. Hermione is a top-notch student. Exceedingly clever. She always has all the answers.

3. In the movies, Hermione is played by Emma Watson, who is incredibly classy for this day and age. She wears great clothes and is never promiscuous in style nor demeanor.

4. Hermione helps Harry and Ron (and Neville!) defeat a the darkest of all wizards.

5. Hermione is British.

6. Hermione eventually marries Ron Weasley, the best of all male redheads.

So this year is dedicated to my efforts to fill my life with Stardust and become more like Hermione Granger, who happens to be one of my very favorite female literary (yes, literary) figures. Don't be surprised if I start speaking with a British accent or popping my hand up in class and crying, "Mandrake root!" or at least having all the answers for once.

May your year be as successful as mine is going to be.


  1. How do you pronounce that name-- Hermione? I thought it was Heroine at first. Good you've got some goals for the New Year! It was great to see you!

  2. It is pronounced like this...Hair my knee, (I was gonna put miney, like hiney, but figured that way was better HAHAHAHAHA, or Hair my o knee) now altogether and let it flow, Hermione! HAHA

  3. PS I am excited to see what the year of stardust brings! :D Mostly so we all know what it finally means!

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