to be concise:

Easily excitable and hopelessly flawed. Big family, Arizona native, and high school English teacher.  


to be a bit more verbose:

I have a split personality. That is a self-diagnosis. I switch between outdoorsy "cool" chick decked out in superhero t-shirts and plaid flannels or stuffy, old British lady obsessed with cardigans and florals. But if I am being entirely honest, I am more often the stuffy British lady. With that being said, I am probably more in love with Great Britain than is healthy for a red-blooded American girl. I blame it on my family tree. Going to England was no cure, for the air is now in my system and I will never be rid of it.  

I have wanted to be many things in my short lifetime. A ballet dancer, an astronaut, a heart surgeon, a novelist. The list goes on and on. To be a high school English teacher was an ambition that fell into my lap, but one which I feel may be my life's calling.  

I began The Kelly Marie Memoirs in 2009 because blogging was the cool thing to do. That's right. I sometimes indulge in fads. But it quickly became a creative outlet and frankly my pride and joy. 


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