Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coin Flipping

Benedict Cumberbatch=The man I'm going to marry.
I made a goal with myself that I would make a decision about grad school by this weekend. Meh. Mostly I have just tried to avoid thinking about it. I've spent most of my week wallowing about my house in my sweats (can I blame that on my spring allergies?). I know that my behavior has been unacceptable and I need to buck up and wear clothes and be productive and be a grown up and face my future like a man (er...modern woman) and eat better food than cold cereal and read good books rather than re-watching all the Harry Potter movies. I know all that. But trying to decide where I want to spend the next who-knows-how-many-years of my future is like trying to decide if Benedict Cumberbatch's right eye is better than his left. An impossible decision, I know!

Everyone I have asked (about grad school, not Benedict's eyes) have told me to make a pros and cons list. Well I have done so, but everything seemed to turn out about even (just like Benedict's eyes). Really, I do not know how to decide. I have a fickle heart.

I talk Holly through my thought processes nearly every night and usually it ends up in a bout of passionate tears because I am trying to express how much I miss Arizona and my family and how in love with the idea of studying Shakespeare I am. On some days my battle is between the programs: would I rather learn how to become a teacher or would I rather become a scholar? On others it is sadly based on dating opportunities: would I be more likely to find a husband out of 100 suitable guys or out of thousands? Would I rather be surrounded by questionable hygiene-deficient hippies or too many well-groomed returned missionaries?

Perhaps if I don't have a suitable answer by Saturday, I'll do as my brother-in-law suggested and flip a coin. Heads I win. Tails you lose.



  1. Kel,

    Five things to consider:

    1. What is your dream job and what degree will give you that job?

    2. You can find a husband anywhere (or so I've been told). AND if he deserved to be factored in on this decision he should have shown up by now and made a case for himself.

    3. NAU doesn't just house hippies, our parents went there! Man alive I really hope our parents weren't hippies or this tip doesn't help at all...

    4. Studying Shakespeare is a lifelong pursuit. You'll take that journey regardless of what you choose now.

    5. No matter what you choose, you will find your way back to your family eventually.

    Good luck! And call me if you need help.

    P.S These articles for consideration may prove to be less than helpful. Use with caution.

  2. Wow, Good luck with your decision making! Either prospect sounds pretty exciting. And I just need to tell you how very much I loved when you said: "Would I rather be surrounded by questionable hygiene-deficient hippies or too many well-groomed returned missionaries?"
    -Emily Weech Gardner